Where Do We Go From Here?


How do you fuel the fires of optimism?

Day 2 - Overcast

In execution, optimism sounds somewhat simple. In a lot of situations, the optimistic side of an individual will look to the more favorable outcome. Without effort and motivation though, optimism can be easily tainted. In order to keep that from happening, optimism requires fuel.

How, you may ask, does one fuel a favorable outcome?

Easy. Hard work. Put in the effort for the reward and you will end up feeling good regardless if you fall short of the desired outcome.

The term “falling short” makes many think of failure, but with optimism and fuel it is less of a failure and more of a determination to do better next time.

Since optimism can easily turn in to pessimism, it is important to keep trying. One day all that hard work will pay off, and then your fueled optimism will come that much easier.

The picture reminds me of optimism because it is like a blank slate. We are given a path each day, and it is up to us to figure out how to traverse it.

♠ J. Spade


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