An online persona based off wit and deep thought, Johana Spade gives a voice to all the things the real me has buried. Hopefully, being able to express myself using Johana’s presence can help the two of us merge into one person that uses the right amount of honesty and tact all rolled into one.

In the meantime, my online presence will stay secure behind the holding known as Johana Spade. The name, in summary, can be thought to mean ‘gracious investigation’, as I work to probe deep within the psyche of myself and others through creative pieces and thoughtful reviews.

It’s a journey that started from the heart, and I hope that one day my blog might be able to inspire and teach some of my readers; just as many of your blogs have done for me.

In a world where standing in your own skin can be uncomfortable and unforgiving, it is good to know that we have the internet. The internet offers a platform of anonymity that gives voice to the opinions we cannot bring the real life versions of us to voice. While some may choose to use that cloak to do more harm than good, just know that my plan is to give voice to the underdogs through thought provoking discussion pieces.

To those of you strong enough to speak your mind in the day to day, I salute you. For all the others out there who chose to live behind the comfort of a pseudonym, welcome to the collective.

~J. Spade

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Sandiyee160 has said it well. Am sure you will find the real you when all the ‘threats’ are no longer there – and chances are she will be Johanna !! A rose by any other name …
    TC and best in your blog


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