Challenge – Day 19 through 27

Day 19

Day 19 – Sidelight

First soda of the year, so of course I had to photograph it. Because this is a challenge, and I’m not very creative.

Day 20

Day 20 – Under

Had this idea but the execution did not go as swiftly as I would have liked. The photo still turned out alright though.

Day 21

Day 21 – Backlit

I wanted the sun, but I live in the PNW. Therefore my wish was not granted.

Day 22

Day 22 – Artificial Light

Funnily enough, the first set of glow sticks I cracked did not work. So the picture was used with secondary glow sticks that were twice as old.

Day 23

Day 23 – Dappled

Last minute photo taken on Day 23. Really, I need to up my game here.

Day 24

Day 24 – Space

Going for walks is good, right? Walking across a river using a thin bridge? Well it’s terrifying, but this picture doesn’t capture that.

Day 25

Day 25 – Favorite

Star Wars. Nephew. Light Sabers. Really, what’s not to love?

Day 26

Day 26 – Angled

Part of me was stuck on the previous day’s prompt. Which required me to take a picture of the angle of my favorite book series.

Day 27

Day 27 – Curved

I don’t even want to begin to explain how much effort went into this photo. My skills as a photographer are sorely lacking.


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