Catching Up With Pictures

Monday marked the beginning of Photo 101, a course put on by WordPress that I happened to be very excited about. If you are following my blog, then you have probably noticed that I have yet to participate in any of the daily challenges so far. Yes, it’s already day three and I am behind.

That is because Monday also marked the beginning of a new position at work.

This week I started my subbing position as a SEA; that stands for Special Ed Assistant. With no training at all, I was thrown into a classroom with kids ages six to ten that have special needs. At the beginning of the day I thought it would be no problem, I conveniently forgot about my lack of experience. Children were screaming in my ear and I had no idea how to calm them down, and I didn’t know the ways or rules of the classroom in order to figure out a solution. It was a mess. These children are great; the staff, however, could spare a bit of time to make sure their subs are better prepared for what is about to happen. So day one was not so great, but day two was thankfully a bit better. It just goes to show that a small amount of experience can go a long way.

Though, I’m not making this post to talk about my work life. This blog was started so I could take a breather from school and work. Rather, this post is about me playing a game of catch up of the last two days. So here is day one and day two for Photo 101.

Day 1 - Home

Day One. Home.

Day 2 - Overcast

Day 2. Street

Mouse Jumps

And Mouse, just because.

The weather was a little dreary today, I’m just lucky it wasn’t raining when I went out to take my photos. All pictures were taken with a Nikon D5100 DSLR camera using a 35mm lens.

Hopefully during the rest of the course I am a bit more on top of things.

~ J. Spade.