Narrow Spaces

In a years time, my plan is to be living and attending school somewhere on the East Coast. It’s going to be a major change, and I’m going to have to make the most of whatever tiny space I can afford.

I’ve been really into looking at minimalist living lately, because there are some very fascinating living styles. Since I will not know anyone, my desire is to have my home feel as comfortable as possible.

The first design I checked out was amazing. Made out of steel and crammed into a width of five feet, this home is not for the claustrophobic. As much as I loved the concept, I’m not sure such a fit would be right for me. I do classify myself as a claustrophobic for one, and my family will undoubtedly want to visit me at some point. Not really a good location to have anybody come over. There also is the small factor of me planning to make friends at some point. I am a homebody, so I would prefer to hang out at my place when possible, and this design does not allow for that. It’s truly magnificent though, for those who are able to pull off living there.

My favorite living situation was this one:

It’s probably super expensive. Damn them for not putting a price on it in order to quickly dash my dreams, now I’m going to have to draw out the sweet agony of wanting what I most likely can’t have.

These videos serve as inspiration, because with a bit of intelligence (and money of course) even the smallest of spaces can become comfortable.

~J. Spade