New Dawn ♠

How often do you get to (or have to) be awake for sunrise? Tell us about what happened the last time you were up so early (or late…).

At my previous job, I had to be up before sunrise everyday. The only rough part about it was that I was working split shifts, so not only would I have to roll out of bed at five in the morning, I usually never got to bed anywhere before midnight. It was taxing, and with school on top of that very stressful.

Now I sleep in a bit. I wake up around 7am every morning, if I get to bed at a reasonable hour (I’ve started counting 2am as a reasonable hour).

There is about one day every week that I will stay up until sunrise though. Not on purpose. I’m usually so engrossed in what I am doing (i.e. reading, writing, homework, or internet browsing) that I don’t really think about going to bed until the feeling of being up to long hits me in the face.

That’s just usually how it goes for me.

Overall, I don’t mind being awake before sunrise. I’m not a morning person by any means. I wouldn’t recommend starting a conversation with me until sometime after noon, but I don’t mind being awake to get things done early. It just depends on how late I get to bed usually.

~ JSpade♠


Back to School

Growing up, August was like the Sunday of summer vacation. It stirred up mixed feelings, because while part of me was excited to go back to school the other part was anxious about it. I was never the type of person to hate school, even when I was younger. Learning was something I always enjoyed, it gave me a sense of satisfaction.

Call me whatever you’d like, but the thought of school in and of itself was never the issue for me.

The other students were.

Even though my mother always called me her ‘Social Butterfly’, I was always a little bit anxious of my classmates. All I wanted to do was fit in. A normal feeling for many youths out there. Many personality shifts befell me in my years of schooling as I tried to find who I really was. It took me many years, but I believe that I’ve finally found it.

I still love school. Though being the anxious creature that I am, I still get a little nervous when school starts up again. I don’t let it hinder me in the way it used to, instead I try to feed off of that energy.

I guess my overall feelings for school and the month of August haven’t really progressed. Maybe I haven’t changed quite as much as I thought.

~J. Spade

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