Shame On Me

Laugh at me,
Just make me cry,
Do whatever you want,
But don’t tell me why.

Say that you hate me,
Tell me I’m worthless,
Just don’t say you’re sorry,
If you don’t really mean it.

~J. Spade


Missing you

Do you know that I miss you
With each day that passes
When you told me we were through
I didn’t anticipate this sting

It’s not fair that I sit here
All alone with my memories
As I cope with feeling bare
Cause you took all of me.

~J. Spade

Breath of Life

The quiet Earth gives way to a shallow flowing river,
Allowing the thin trickle of noise to take resonance.

The wind sweeps through the branches of a tall billowing tree,
Creating a majestic rustle of red leaves rushing.

An abandoned parking lot lays empty and alone,
Forgetting its days of youth, life and longevity.

And in that parking lot lies a tiny wisp of a flower;
Frail, and on the edge of being broken and abandoned.

All the while an absence of heat from the blistering sun,
Leaves living beings unsatisfied with an unquenchable tumult,

One that appears on a mothers face like a stern expression,
And sits in the gentle Earth heaving an all-known great presence.

And all this time the deep gusts rush past me in great lashes,
Leaving me chilled, and forever pondering the meaning of life.

~Johana Spade