The Title Says It All

Usually, coming up with taglines or slogans comes pretty easily to me. I’m constantly spouting off slogans to products I make up, because it’s fun and it keeps my brain active. During Blogging 101’s second task, however, I struggled.

Why can’t I name my blog and in turn create a tagline for it? It is after all, a mere extension of my thoughts posted for the public to see. The fact that I couldn’t find the proper name threw me for a loop.

In my mind, that loop turned into a whirlwind of falling that appeared like the rabbit hole in Alice In Wonderland. Then it hit me. I could use that in my title and tagline, I could essentially borrow from Alice In Wonderland. This fictional realm involving hearts could be the inspiration I needed to create the blog title I sorely needed.  With thoughts of grandiose Queen’s and shouts of “off with her head” circling through my brain I realized it wouldn’t be as easy as I thought. I turned in a different direction.  Cards, I decided, I could do cards.

That proved to cause even more complications.

I couldn’t think straight. There are 13 cards involved with spades, how do I pick which one is me. Calling myself a King or a Queen seemed a bit presumptuous considering my blog is not all that popular, and picking 10, my jersey number, just seemed odd as well. Then I glanced at my icon for a second as I pondered, and everything started falling into place.

There is one of me. There is one blog. One. Ace. Ace of Spades. I finally had my title, and I couldn’t have been happier. I wanted to continue on with the idea of cards though, a play on words in a way. So I began throwing out taglines: More than just a pawn in a game of cards. It’s a heart; It’s a diamond; No, it’s the ace of spades! None of the ones I tossed around in my brain seemed to work for me, they just didn’t click.

That was when I decided to get to the heart of the matter. What am I doing? Why am I doing it? And I decided to keep my tagline simple while still using the card-game angle.

My new tagline ended up being: It’s no longer just a card, it’s a girl with a blog.

It fit more than I would have thought, and I am so happy with the outcome. I can only hope that all of you find it to be just as fitting.

So, I guess now I can give you my sincerest of thank you’s for joining the SpAce of Spades.

~Johana Spade.