2016 – Challenge.

Years ago I spent a lot of money on a DSLR camera. Since that purchase, I have used the camera enough times to warrant the purchase, but I have not moved forward in pursuit of bettering my photography skills. This year, I hope to fix that. Granted, these photos are mediocre, but I’m hoping throughout the year I will improve.

I’ll be posting probably once a week, even though I’ll be taking the pictures daily. Maybe if I’m feeling particularly adventurous, I’ll post the pictures after I take them. I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath for that one though.

The challenge is called Capture Your 365, and I’ll be tagging it as such despite the fact that this year will have 366 days in it.


Day 1: Fresh Start

My fresh start photo depicts the intense overhaul I have been putting my room through. While a photo of a large bag of trash and a charity pile might not seem fresh, it’s signifying a new me.


Day 2: One Word

There is one word that I’ve considered a part of my life for a long time, and that word is the one that is pictured above. My determination has pushed me through a lot of rough patches, and I hope that it will help me keep up this newest challenge.


Day 3: Self-Portrait

Pretty self explanatory, unfortunately.


Day 4: Need This

While I could have taken a photo of something I wanted, I decided to take this prompt a different route. Music is something that I need in my life, and I’m trying to enjoy the things I already have, rather than pine for what I don’t have.


Day 5: Makes Me Happy

This little pipsqueak is there for me all the time. Granted, she has no other options, but she makes me happy regardless.


Day 6: Pushing Myself

In my journey to try and live a healthier lifestyle, I went hiking. I’m still proud of myself for this, and I hope to do that more as the weather improves.


Day 7: Good For Me

I am a highly stressed individual, for reasons I can’t control. In order to improve on that, I’ve taken methods that will help relax me. Those methods include writing in a day planner and coloring daily. My awesome brother provided me with a method to do both with a coloring day-planner.


Day 8: Where I stand

I stand on the ground with kitten faced slippers.


Day 9: Relationship

Family means everything to me. In this picture, one of my brothers, my cousin, and my niece and nephew accompany me for Halloween. It was a wonderful time, and I cherish this relationship.



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