Nostalgia Sunday – Cold/Flu Season

Waking up to a  scratchiness of my throat was irritating in a way that I would rather ignore, but I just couldn’t forget about it. It tickled when I breathed and ached when I ate or drank anything. All that I could get over; it was inconsequential compared to the feeling it brought to my chest.

The beginning of cold season reminds me that I’m on my own when it comes to my health. As much as it used to annoy me to be nagged about things like gargling salt water or taking Airborne, I find that I kind of miss it.

I miss knowing that somebody out there cared enough to worry.

Even though I know how to take care of myself it was kind of nice having someone there to help me with it. I’m not incapable by any means, and I find myself bordering on the side of independence that is somewhat of a nuisance, but when I’m sick I just want to know someone cares. The independence I feel is still there, of course; I don’t want anyone to do anything for me, I just liked the feeling of knowing that someone loved me enough to offer assistance. It’s really a strange feeling.

I don’t feel that same sense of comfort living away from my parents .

My mom is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. She sees the good in every person, and will do whatever she can to help those in need. It made for pampered sick days with a hovering mother that made sure I had everything I could need before I even realized I needed it.

Cold and flu season makes me appreciate all that my mother did for me, because now I do it all by  myself. Though I never asked for anything when I was sick – I tended to just sleep as much as I could – my mom still knew what I needed. I never thanked her for that, and she never would have accepted my thanks.

Every time I take steps to avoid becoming sick I give silent thanks to my mother for all the nagging that she gave, because it did its job: It’s still with me to this day.

~J. Spade


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