Life Stressors

The weekend is here, and I am certainly not ready for it. Most people probably just squinted their eyes at that sentence, because who isn’t ready for the weekend?

I’d like to say that I have my reasons to feel like this. While, of course that’s true, I do have reasons; my reasons aren’t quite sound. That tends to happen when I bring this feeling on myself.

My stress levels come from the fact that I’ve put off my homework for far too long. In my online schooling I have assignments due practically every day, with my tests happening on Monday’s. That means that my weekend is usually reserved for finishing up assignments and studying. Well, this weekend I not only have to “finish up” assignments, but I have to start them as well. Talk about stressful.

It also happens to be a scary movie night with a few friends. So I have to do my homework sometime before that. This post is really just another form of procrastination. Or maybe we can call it brain exercises; I’m working up to actually doing my homework.

Now that I’ve gone off on a tangent, I can get to the real point of this post.

Since my days recently have been filled with school, cleaning, networking, and job hunting I’ve been feeling a little run down. In order to spruce myself up, I’ve taken to devouring books and watching Halloween-esque movies. Writing is usually a great way for me to wind down, but lately I feel like a zombie every time I try. At this point I have so many ideas written down on paper, that they could probably make up a story in and of itself.

My question to anyone who reads this post is how do you unwind? When your days are long and your nights short, how do you keep your levels of stress manageable?

I’m not the best at stress management, so I’m genuinely curious. I tend to just push it to the side and hope it will disappear. The build up of stress is usually much worse than the small amount of stress it started as originally.

What do you do on your days off in order to rejuvenate yourself?

~J. Spade

One thought on “Life Stressors

  1. Music can make a world of difference if you pick the right kind. I would suggest soothing zen gongs from YouTube. They play for hours on end and not listening to lyrics or choruses makes it easier to concentrate with no distractions. I always write with music playing, I have to block out the entire world if I want anything decent on screen.


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