The Written Word

When reading for fun, do you usually choose fiction or non-fiction? Do you have an idea why you prefer one over the other?


Reading happens to be one of the greatest teachers out there, and the fact that reading is a way to gain knowledge has never been lost on me. The amount of textual experience I have gained has made me feel cultured in a way that my limited funds and resources could not allow.

Devouring the written word is one of my favorite pastimes, and I do my best to indulge it by not limiting that with which I read.

I read quickly, and with no remorse. It is rare for a day to pass where I haven’t read something. Finishing a trilogy in one day is not impossible for me, and I’m not forced to put my responsibilities on hold because of it.

Over the summer I went camping with my family, I brought five books on our seven day vacation and I finished them all in a surprising amount of time. My brothers were pissed. “How can you read so fast,” they would ask. “You’re not even spending the entire day reading,” the other would complain. I read for maybe a few hours a day, but I indulged myself in the world found within the scripted words. Reading fiction for me is relaxing.

I do read non-fiction on the daily as well. Usually just short pieces either dabbling in the field of psychology or current events. Non-fiction has a way of revving me up, of making me want to change the world or contribute to it.

While I read and enjoy both fiction and non-fiction, I can’t help but to lean more towards the former as my preference. Both types of prose give me completely different feelings, and while fiction makes me feel so many emotions all at once, it also gives me a chance to run free in an alternate universe.

My preference lies in fiction because it allows for a brain vacation in every story.

~J. Spade


6 thoughts on “The Written Word

    • I do like to read horror on occasion. Actually, I tend to read a bit of whatever strikes my fancy in that moment. It comes in waves, right now I’m reading a lot of fantasy works, but this time of year usually has me reading all types of Horror or Suspense novels.


      • What I read is affected by what I buy. The used bookstore is closer than our library. There’s nothing like finding a little treasure in mint condition, tucked away in a corner. Stephen King was on sale, so I bought a few of his books.


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