Object Personality

Machines, appliances, and gadgets sometimes feel like they have their own personalities — from quirky cars to dignified food processors. What’s the most “human” machine you own?

In this day and age, gadgets are becoming more and more advanced. It’s no surprise that they even can take on personalities of their own. The iProducts have Siri, a computer that you can ask questions and receive answers from. Androids have “Okay Google”, which offers the same features, and a lot of other products have jumped on that band wagon. No longer are these gadgets things that we solely operate, they can do some of the operations for us.

Despite knowing all of this, the most “human” machine that I own does not have a voice. It has a name, and it can tell me a lot of things, but it does so with a series of beeps and a notification screen. My “human” machine happens to be my car. I’ve named my car Jim, for various reasons that I might state on a later occasion.

I bought this car over a year ago, and in that year I’ve built up a personality for my car unlike anything I have experienced before. Jim has become a part of my family, as weird as that might sound. He gets me from Point A to Point B without issue, and for that I can’t help but to be appreciative. My previous car had trouble doing that.

So while there are numerous objects that I own that do actually have a personality, the most “human” machine I own is known as such not for the qualities that it possesses, but for the attributes I have given it.

Being human is more than just how smart something is, it also has to deal with the feelings equated with it. The more we become attached to the machines, appliances, and gadgets in our lives, the more real the will become in our hearts.

~J. Spade


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