Nightmare Job

Dreams are made up of so much, but there is also a lot that makes up nightmares. We often hold onto our dreams, and try to push away our nightmares but they are always there. Surfacing at the worst, and most unexpected moments. Living in a nightmarish job would be absolute hell for anyone.

There are so many options that people might consider to be a job nightmare, but the reality of the situation is somebody has to do it. So it makes sense that each and every individual would have his or her own idea of what might be considered a nightmare job.

Mine, I would have to say, is probably a bit out of the ordinary. Most people see me and probably would guess I would say my nightmare would be custodial work or something others might term menial. The truth is, I would have no problem attending to any of those things. I clean up after myself all the time, and while some people are much more slovenly than I am, it doesn’t mean that I couldn’t handle it. I’m made of tougher stuff than that.

I am most certainly not made of tough enough stuff to handle a career in pediatrics. It is nothing against those who are or will be in the field, because kudos to them. It revolves around the fact that pediatrics would just be so reprehensible to me on a level higher than anything else I could imagine.

I do have my reasoning’s, and while some of them might make me appear heartless I think they are all sound.

So why would a job in pediatrics be the most vile job I could have?

Well first and foremost it would have to be that I have an almost crippling dislike of children. There are some children I love, yes. My nephew for one, but I could not see myself devoting more than forty hours a week to children when I generally get annoyed by them. Next would be the fact that I do not handle snot. At all. Children have not yet formed enough manners to wipe their own noses, so that puts the job in the red for me. Finally, is the fact that while I am not fond children, I know that those who have more serious illnesses do not deserve it. No one does really, but children with terminal illnesses have not even been given a chance to know themselves. That would definitely throw me off the deep end.

~J. Spade


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