Head Turners

Feet pound the pavement
Destination in mind
I walk with sure strides

Determined, I move forward
My steps can’t be broken
A hum that sings of morning

People mull around me
I glance to my phone
An act to check the time

That’s when I hear it
Soft speech of words
Odd syllables of sound

Private words are perfect
In public they seem strange
I hear all around me

They don’t seem to see me
Can’t fathom I’m engaged
I listen to what they’re saying

The words cause a falter
My steps no longer sure
Yet their talk moves steady

The sounds stick on air
Causing my head to turn
A moment of pause before I move

An unintentional conversation of privy
Caused a wane to occur
How very odd

 ~Johana Spade ♠


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