The End All, Be All

There are a hundred words that could be said and a thousand words that could be used at any given moment. Our life experiences combined with our personalities help to craft just how we will respond to arguments or jabs in any situation. People sometimes call it quick wit if you are able to spin words fast enough to leave your opponent dangling, but maybe there’s a bit of wit found in the silent type as well. After all, an argument is not always won by having the last word – but despite knowing that, it can be oh so enjoyable to have your words be the ones hanging in the air, left only for the wind to carry them off.

So, is there a way to make sure that your words are the ones left standing?

I’d have to say there is.

Becoming a discussion ender does not mean raising your voice, that makes things more heated and when a conversation causes red hot fire to spew through veins it usually results in retaliations from both parties. Keep a level head, try not to let the fury, or whatever other emotion is swirling through you, get the best of you. Analyze the person you are holding the discussion with. Knowing whether some quiet retort will win over shock value is a good upper-hand, so keep that in your arsenal. Finally, keep in mind that a dig, while effective for putting an end to the aforementioned discussion, does not necessarily mean you’ve come out on top. Yes, you had the last word; but now you’re swimming with guilt as well.

Combining these useful tips with your own personality and flair should help to at least give you more of an edge during discussions.

I myself tend to go for more of a humorous route.

Since I usually do things to the extreme (i.e. sports, physical activity, even walking) I end up with a lot of abrasions. Mainly on my legs. After finishing Tough Mudder, I had numerous bruises all along my thighs. Being that my grandparents are a bit old school and set in their ways, they don’t take well to a girl being so adventurous. Their problem, not mine.

After seeing the state of my legs and hearing me talk about how much fun I had during the race my grandfather just could not bite his tongue any longer.

“I didn’t realize I raised my granddaughters to be such risk takers,” he had said to my father. The words in themselves were not harsh, his tone, however, was another story.

This instance was one of those moments that I was referring to earlier. Hundreds of thousands of words could be used to reply. I had various options in my queue, but seeing as how his mind is programmed as ‘male=macho, female=frail’ I decided to hit him where it hurt.

I opened my mouth, and without a second thought the words were flowing out past my lips: “Your granddaughters aren’t the issue,” I said, “you probably just raised your grandsons to be boring.”

Now he probably thinks that he didn’t raise his granddaughters to be so smart-mouthed either. Maybe one day he will come to terms with the fact that he didn’t actually raise us.

~Johana Spade




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