You, Robot

Despite pondering this question for the past few minutes I still cannot seem to come up with what would be considered a simple answer. I do not entirely loathe just one chore, job, or other responsibility enough that I would gladly give  it up to a robot willing to complete my tasks. In fact, sometimes I actually enjoy doing certain taxing activities that others might abhor.

Would I pass on the opportunity to have a helping hand in the form of a robotic companion?

Hell no.

I just couldn’t give it one task. I’d have to dabble around and perhaps give it one task a day that I just could not get around to doing. There are some days I don’t feel like doing the dishes. Sir Robot can take those days. Other days I don’t feel inclined to do my homework. Guess what Sir Robot is around for?

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, I couldn’t just pick one thing for this robot to do because there are days when I’ve got enough energy to take on the world. But the days that I can barely make myself get out of bed are the days that I would heavily lean on my robot.


~J. Spade


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